Growing department

Velocore has hired 5 SDRs this month, with 20%/mo growth of the sales department


HyperionIQ announced about expanding to the UK market

Investment round

Summitxpand received financing of $10M from FastVC last week

New decision maker

CloudNova just hired Melisa Hall for the HRD role today

New job opening

Alex Dunn from ArctixTech posted a new remote job for a Java developer today

Powering the growth of leading sales teams

Why Sally

Contact only leads that are in the buying mode

Target ready-to-buy leads with Sally's AI-powered signal recognition, and convert to customers faster

See what’s hidden about your leads in real-time

Set up triggers that increase chances your lead is in the buying mode, and receive results as actionable tasks in CRM

Let your sales team focus on communicating with leads

Give your sales rep AI-generated research on each lead and let them do what they’re best at - selling

How Sally works

Discover prospects’ sales signals daily

We check your prospects daily to identify key sales signals from Linkedin, Crunchbase, and 10+ other data sources

Integrate in one hour

We integrate with your CRM and other sales tools, workflows, and routing logic in under an hour. Easy to get started and train your team

Signals Sally tracks

We can help you identify and choose the signals that are most relevant to your business model

  • A company has a new vacancy or a difficult-to-fill vacancy
  • A company enters a new market, launches a new product, or forms a new partnership
  • A company hires a new employee with a job title you are interested
  • A decision-maker within the company is promoted and can be reached by you
  • A company raises a round of investment
  • Additional signal options are coming soon, stay tuned

Old way

  • Miss out on potential customers who have shown initial interest but didn't convert
  • Lose opportunities because sales reps have spent too much time on non-buyers
  • Fail to convert valuable leads due to the lack of personalized follow-ups

Sally way

  • Excel lead nurturing with perfectly timed follow-ups, based on multiple buying intent signals
  • Focus more on high-quality ready-to-buy prospects that are statistically proven to convert
  • Provide effective personalization to your outreach using AI-powered signals
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The real-time insights we receive about our leads have been invaluable, and the multiple buying intent signals have allowed us to focus on the prospects that are most likely to convert.

Ghalia Alami
In closed deals

Integrating Sally with our CRM was a breeze, and the results have been impressive. The personalized outreach suggestions have made our sales reps more efficient and effective in their communications.

Roman Zayarny
Head of Business Development
in pipeline

Sally has saved us a ton of time and resources by providing research on each lead. The customer support has also been top-notch, making it a pleasure to work with Sally.

Alex Svinov
in 2 month
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